Vince and TerriTerri and Vince Cook are founders of The Ally Project. As parents they faced some challenges which weren’t covered in What to Expect When You’re Expecting… or any parenting books for that matter! One of those experiences was learning their younger child is transgender. The journey leading up to that understanding, and the years since then, have changed their lives.

Terri and Vince have written a book, Allies & Angels, which shares their experience. Terri travels the country speaking at corporations,conferences, schools, and community organizations.  Together, they hope to launch and grow The Ally Project and take their passion for compassion and social justice to the next level.

Allies & Angels: A memoir of our family's transition

Allies & Angels: A memoir of our family’s transition

Their Book

Throughout our journey, countless many guided and supported us. Their personal stories helped us in a way that nothing else could. Our fears for our son (and ourselves) diminished as we connected with real people with similar experiences, and with knowledgeable doctors and professionals. As we journeyed through fear and doubt toward acceptance, understanding, and embracing our son, we experienced the joy of watching him come alive again.

As others helped us, we felt compelled to do the same. We volunteered our time with local and national organizations, parent and youth support groups, and the PRIDE organization in our company. In every situation, in every telling of our story, somebody would share how our story touched them or changed them or helped them better understand something they previously knew little about.

Terri on the Anderson Cooper Show

Anderson Cooper: Children and Teens Trapped in the Wrong Body (Nov. 2011)

In February 2012, Terri was asked to participate in a video her company was making for the It Gets Better Project. (Their son’s story is a perfect example of how it DOES get better.) In preparation, Terri wrote a short (2-page) summary of their son’s experience. That version of the story has been retold many times … and has helped people who were learning or just starting on a similar journey. As we saw others being healed and helped, so too were we healed and helped. Countless people have said, “You should really write a book. Your story is incredible and people will be able to connect with you and relate to you. You have the power to open hearts and minds and help people understand.”

Our book, Allies & Angels: A memoir of our family’s transition, was published in July 2013. Please visit alliesandangels.com to learn more, download the first chapter for free, and check out our Free eBook Campaign!

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Human Rights Campaign National Dinner

Terri and Vince at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner (Oct. 2012)









Empire State Pride Agenda Fall Dinner 2014
October 16, 2014
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