Hello World!

Hello world is natural for a software engineer like myself. It’s the first computer program I write when I learn a new language.

So … “Hello.” I have a couple beautiful pictures to share that I took a few years ago on my way home from my parent’s cottage.

Morning Mist

Morning Mist

When I was looking up this picture in my archives I couldn’t remember if it was morning or evening when the picture was taken. It was back in 2008. It’s funny how the mind plays tricks on me. The picture looks like a sunset to me now. It happened that I was stretching my visit as long as I could and driving to work at 6:30 am. I had to look at the image properties to see when I took the photo.

Here is another cool shot I got that morning. I caught two fisherman fishing in the mist. It sounds funny to me . . . I caught them, and they were the ones fishing.

Caught Fishing

Caught Fishing

You are welcome to download the full resolution versions for free. Morning Mist and Caught Fishing are copyright 2012 by Vincent Cook – All Rights Reserved. Morning Mist and Caught Fishing images may be used for public or private display in all media forms. Acknowledgement to TheAllyProject.com is appreciated, but not required. All other uses require written permission.

Morning Mist – Full Res

Caught Fishing – Full Res

If you leave a comment, I can’t promise but I would like to send out free prints as much as I can. It may take a while, but I will contact you when I’m ready. I’ll even sign them for what it’s worth. Comments are moderated.


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