NAACP Rocks!

I witnessed one of the most inspirational speakers, NAACP’s Ben Jealous, at the 16th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. I only wish that I could have half the wisdom, courage, integrity, and kindness this man expressed.

Ben spoke of the following resolution passed by the NAACP board of directors:

The NAACP Constitution affirmatively states our objective to ensure the “political, educational, social and economic equality” of all people. Therefore, the NAACP has opposed and will continue to oppose any national, state, local policy or legislative initiative that seeks to codify discrimination or hatred into the law or to remove the Constitutional rights of LGBT citizens. We support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Further, we strongly affirm the religious freedoms of all people as protected by the First Amendment.

It is not lost on me how difficult it is for such a diverse community to support marriage equality. I think the NAACP embodies the true spirit of an Ally. Certainly, same-sex marriage may not agree with all people’s personal, cultural, and religious beliefs; but the NAACP has found a way to accept and support the LGBT community through their common belief in basic human rights.

The NAACP can count me as their Ally for social justice for all Americans.

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